MGS file player MGSP v2.0.0

MGSP v2.1.0 alpha [Updated 10:22PM, Dec. 01. 2020]

MGSP v2.0.0 [Updated 10:45PM, Nov. 15. 2020]

minimum system requirements:
 MSX, MSX2, MSX2+ or MSXturboR
 MSX-DOS2 or NextorDOS
 MGSDRV v3.20 or later (Versions older than v3.20 have not been tested.)
 MemoryMapperRAM 224KB (DOS TPA 64KB, MSX-DOS2/Nextor 64KB, MGSDRV 32KB, MGSP KFONT 64KB)

 [Additional Information][External links] GIGAMIX online MGSDRV

 This is an MGS file player that works when MGSDRV is installed.
 It has almost the same purpose as Ain's MGSEL, but with the following differences

 Advantages over MGSEL:
  (1) It also works on MSX1.
  (2) Song titles can be displayed in a mixture of kanji and kana even without a kanji ROM.
  (3) You can control it with the joypad.
 Inferior to MGSEL:
  (1) It consumes a lot of MapperRAM.
  (2) Mouse operation is not possible.
  (3) There are many features that MGSEL has, but MGSP doesn't.

 Execute from the command prompt in the following order.
 A:¥> MGSP
 (*) MAINROMP does not need to be run on MSX2 or later; it is a workaround for a problem where MGSDRV v3.20 may not start on MSX1.

Disk label:
 [How to Create Floppy Disk Labels (in Japanese)]

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